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Topics A to Z

Department Contact information is listed below for each topic/service provided by Benton County.

Alphabetical Listing of Referral Information


Accident Investigation Sheriff 320-968-7201
Accounting & Financial Services Administrator 320-968-5002
Address Changes for Tax Statements Treasurer 320-968-5006
Administration Court Administration 320-968-5205
Adoptions Court Administration 320-968-5205
Adoptions Human Services 320-968-5087
Adult Program (DAC) Human Services 320-968-5087
Adult Protection, Mental Illness, Chemical Dependency Human Services 320-968-5087
Adult Special Services Human Services 320-968-5087
Advise County Board of Commissioner and County Departments Attorney 320-968-5175
Affidavits Recorder 320-968-5037
Affidavits of Survivorship with Death Certificate Recorder 320-968-5037
Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Administrator 320-968-5002
Agriculture MN Extension 320-968-5077
Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) Human Services 320-968-5087
Amendments to Financing Statements Recorder 320-968-5037
Amount of Taxes Due Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5006
Annual Financial Statements Administrator 320-968-5002
Annulments (Dissolution filing and Court Date) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Appeals (Conciliation Court to District Court and Appellate Court) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Appraisals of Property Assessor 320-968-5019
Arraignments Court Administration 320-968-5205
Articles of Incorporation Recorder 320-968-5037
Assignment of Security Interest in UCC-1 Personnel Or Chattel Property Recorder 320-968-5037
Assistance to Veterans/Dependents Veterans Officer 320-968-5044
Auctioneer Licenses Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
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Bail Court Administration 320-968-5205
Beaches MN Extension 320-968-5077
Beer Licenses Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Billings Administrator 320-968-5027
Birth Certificates Recorder 320-968-5037
Board Agendas Administrator 320-968-5001
Board Correspondence Administrator 320-968-5001
Bonds Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Bonds (Official) of all County Officers Recorder 320-968-5037
Budgeting Administrator 320-968-5001
Building & Ground Maintenance Property Management 320-968-5014
Burial Claims & Counseling on VA Veterans Officer 320-968-5044
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Court Calendar Scheduling Court Administration 320-968-5205
Camping Information MN Extension 320-968-5077
Certificate of Real Estate Value Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Certified Copies Court Administration 320-968-5205
Change of Name Court Administration 320-968-5205
Chattel (Personal) Property Recorder 320-968-5037
Chemical Dependency Evaluations (Court Ordered) Corrections 320-968-5192
Child Protection Human Services 320-968-5087
Child Protection On-Going
(Abuse, Neglect, Mentally Ill, Chemically Dependent)
Human Services 320-968-5087
Civil Defense Sheriff 320-968-7201
Civil Filings Court Administration 320-968-5205
Civil Process Service Sheriff 320-968-7201
Claims & Counseling on VA Veterans Officer 320-968-5044
Clothing & Textiles MN Extension 320-968-5077
Commercial Fruit & Vegetable Growers MN Extension 320-968-5077
Commercial Horticulture MN Extension 320-968-5077
Commissioners Administrator 320-968-5001
Commitments (Mental & Inebriate) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Community Resource Development (CRD) MN Extension 320-968-5077
Community Work Service-Adult & Juveniles Corrections 320-968-5192
Compensation Claims for VA Veterans Officer 320-968-5044
Conciliation Court Court Administration 320-968-5205
Conditional Use Permits Department of Development 320-968-5065
Conservatorship Court Administration 320-968-5205
Consumer Calls (Home Economics & Agriculture) MN Extension 320-968-5077
Continuations - Security Interest in UCC-1 Personal or Chattel Property Recorder 320-968-5037
Contracts Administrator 320-968-5001
Contracts (Work with Contract Officers in Departments) Attorney 320-968-5175
County Board Minutes Administrator 320-968-5001
CPR Classes MN Extension 320-968-5077
Criminal & Complaint Investigation Sheriff 320-968-7201
Criminal Matters Court Administration 320-968-5205
Criminal Prosecution (Non-Investigative)
(Gross Misdemeanors, Misdemeanors for Foley, by contract, or for Non-urban areas of County)
Attorney 320-968-5175
Crop Production MN Extension 320-968-5077
Current Year Property Tax Collections
(Mobil Home, Personal Property & Real Estate)
Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5006
Custody Matters Court Administration 320-968-5205
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DD-214 - Recorded Recorder 320-968-5037
Data Privacy Administrator 320-968-5001
Day Care Purchasing (Diversified Services Unit) Human Services 320-968-5087
Death Benefits (Claims & Counseling) Veterans Officer 320-968-5044
Death Certificates Recorder 320-968-5037
Deed Transfers Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Deeds (All Kinds) Recorder 320-968-5037
Delinquency - Juveniles Court Administration 320-968-5205
Delinquencies - Juveniles Prosecution (Non-Investigative) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Dependencies - Juvenile Prosecution (Non-Investigative) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Development Achievement Centers (DAC) Human Services 320-968-5087
Developmentally Disabled Human Services 320-968-5087
Disabled Veteran's Relief Veterans Officer 320-968-5044
Dissolution Court Administration 320-968-5205
Ditch Proceedings Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Ditching Permits Public Works 320-968-5051
Domestic Abuse Sheriff 320-968-7201
Drivers License Renewal Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5006
Drivers License-Testing Given 1st Tuesday of Month 320-255-3044
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Easements Recorder 320-968-5037
Economic Crime Investigation Attorney 320-968-5175
Economic Development Department of Development 320-968-5065
Educational Programs (4-H) MN Extension 320-968-5077
Election Matters (Advises Election Officials) Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Elections Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Emergencies/Disasters (Mitigation, Preparedness, Response & Recovery Emergency Mgmt/Sheriff 320-968-7201
Emergency Sheriff 320-968-7201
Emergency Operation Plans Emergency Mgmt/Sheriff 320-968-7201
Employee Benefits & Changes Administrator 320-968-5001
Employee Hiring/Applications Administrator 320-968-5001
Employee Verification Administrator 320-968-5001
Energy Education (CRD) MN Extension 320-968-5077
Environment (Prosecutes Violation of Zoning Ordinance & Solid Waste Disposal Ordinance Non-Investigative) Attorney 320-968-5175
Escrow Agents Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5006
Establish & Enforce Court Orders for Child Support Human Services 320-968-5087
Establish Paternity for Children Human Services 320-968-5087
Executions Court Administration 320-968-5205
Explosive User Permits (Dynamite) Sheriff 320-968-7201
Environment - Solid Waste Disposal & Permits Department of Development 320-968-5065
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4-H Clubs & Activities MN Extension 320-968-5077
Fairground Rentals MN Extension 320-968-5077
Fair Information MN Extension 320-968-5077
Family Day Care Homes Human Services 320-968-5087
Family Living - Child Development MN Extension 320-968-5077
Family Services Human Services 320-968-5087
Farm Management MN Extension 320-968-5077
Federal Tax Liens Recorder 320-968-5037
Felonies Attorney 320-968-5175
File Number - Court Court Administration 320-968-5205
Filing & Recording Real Estate Documents Recorder 320-968-5037
Filing & Recording Documents not effecting Real Estate Recorder 320-968-5037
Financing Statements (UCC-1, Personal or Chattel Property) Recorder 320-968-5037
Fines - Court Court Administration 320-968-5205
Fireworks License Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Flood Plain Ordinances Department of Development 320-968-5065
Food Stamp Applications & Recertifications Human Services 320-968-5087
Foods & Nutrition MN Extension 320-968-5077
Foster Care Licensing Human Services 320-968-5087
Foreclosures Recorder 320-968-5037
Forfeited Properties Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Fraud & Collections Investigations Human Services 320-968-5087
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Game & Fish Licenses Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Garden MN Extension 320-968-5077
Garden Pests MN Extension 320-968-5077
Garnishments Court Administration 320-968-5205
General Assistance (GA) Human Services 320-968-5087
General Assistance/Medical Care(GA-MA) Human Services 320-968-5087
General Volunteer (Diversified Services Unit) Human Services 320-968-5087
Grants Administration Administrator 320-968-5001
Gross Misdemeanors Attorney 320-968-5175
Guardianship Court Administration 320-968-5205
Gun Permits (Acquire & Carry) Sheriff 320-968-7201
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Habeas Corpus (Writ of) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Handicapped Regulations Administrator 320-968-5001
Handicap Sticker for Automobiles License Center 320-968-7861
Health Benefit Payment Administrator 320-968-5027
Health Education Human Services 320-968-5087
Home Economics MN Extension 320-968-5077
Home Health Care (Refer to Human Services) Human Services 320-968-5087
Home Horticulture MN Extension 320-968-5077
Home Loan Benefits VA (State & Federal) Veterans Officer 320-968-5044
Home Study Groups MN Extension 320-968-5077
Homestead Assessor 320-968-5019
Hypertension Human Services 320-968-5087
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Immunization Program Human Services 320-968-5087
Implied Consent Cases Court Administration 320-968-5205
Infant Program - DAC Human Services 320-968-5087
Intake or Intake Screening & Applications (AFDC, GAMA, MSA) Human Services 320-968-5087
Inter-County Information & Liaison Veterans Officer 320-968-5044
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Jail Sheriff/Jail 320-968-8180
Job Classification Administrator 320-968-5001
Job Descriptions Administrator 320-968-5001
Judgements - Dissolutions, Money Judgements, Name Search Court Administration 320-968-5205
Juror Court Administration 320-968-5205
Juror Compensation Court Administration 320-968-5205
Juvenile Cases Court Administration 320-968-5205
Juvenile Pre-Dispositional Investigation Corrections 320-968-5192
Juvenile Prosecution (Non-Investigative) Attorney 320-968-5175
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Labor Negotiations/Relations Administrator 320-968-5001
LakeView Center - Reservation Parks 320-968-5014
Land Use Control Ordinances Department of Development 320-968-5065
Land Use Permits Department of Development 320-968-5065
Landscaping MN Extension 320-968-5077
Lawns MN Extension 320-968-5077
Legislation Administrator 320-968-5001
Licensing Unit (Family Day Care & Foster Care) Human Services 320-968-5087
Life Insurance (Claim & Counseling) VA Veteran Officer 320-968-5044
Liquor License Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5006
Life Insurance for County Employees Administrator 320-968-5001
Livestock Production MN Extension 320-968-5077
Living Resourcefully MN Extension 320-968-5077
Lien Waiver Recorder 320-968-5037
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Mail Operations Administrator 320-968-5014
Market Value of Property Assessor 320-968-5019
Marketing - Agriculture MN Extension 320-968-5077
Marriage Ceremonies (Scheduling of) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Marriage Licenses and Certificates Recorder 320-968-5037
Mechanic's Liens and Releases - Real Estate Recorder 320-968-5037
Medical Assistance Human Services 320-968-5087
Medical Care - Claims & Counseling -VA Veteran Officer 320-968-5044
Medical Liens Administrator 320-968-5001
Mental Illness/Chemical Dependency Commitment Screening Court Administration 320-968-5205
Military Discharges - DD-214 Recorded Recorder 320-968-5037
Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA) Human Services 320-968-5087
Minor Settlements Court Administration 320-968-5205
Misdemeanors Court Administration 320-968-5205
Misdemeanors for Foley (By Contract and for Non Urban) Attorney 320-968-5175
Mobile Home Taxes - Current Year Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5006
Money Judgement Court Administration 320-968-5205
Money Management MN Extension 320-968-5077
Mortgages & Assignments or Satisfaction Thereof Recorder 320-968-5037
Moving Permits Public Works 320-968-5051
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Name Searches Court Administration 320-968-5205
Natural Resources Education (CRD) MN Extension 320-968-5077
Neglect - Juvenile Prosecution Attorney 320-968-5175
911 Addressing System Dept of Development 320-968-5065
Notary Commission Recorder 320-968-5037
Notary Public Recorder 320-968-5037
Note of Issue Court Administration 320-968-5037
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Orientation (Employee) Administrator 320-968-5001
Out-of-Home Placement-Financial Responsibility Human Services 320-968-5087
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Parenting Classes Human Services 320-968-5087
Parks & Recreation (Benton County) Park Department 320-968-5035
Partnership Agreements Recorder 320-968-5037
Pass Due Property Taxes - Current Year Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5006
Paternity Cases Court Administration 320-968-5205
Patrol & Traffic Sheriff 320-968-7201
Payroll Administrator 320-968-5027
Penalties (Taxes) Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5006
Pension Claims VA Veteran Officer 320-968-5044
Performance Appraisals Administrator 320-968-5002
Permits (See Page 15 for complete list by Department)
Personal Property Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5006
Personnel Administrator 320-968-5001
Personnel Policies/Rules & Regulations Administrator 320-968-5001
Pesticides and Pesticide Tests MN Extension 320-968-5077
Picnic Reservation (Benton Beach) Parks 320-968-5014
Plats (viewing of) Recorder 320-968-5037
Plat Manual Public Works 320-968-5065
Policies Administrator 320-968-5001
Pre-Natal & Post Natal Visits Human Services 320-968-5087
Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) (Court Ordered) Corrections 320-968-5192
Pre-School Program Human Services 320-968-5087
Precious Metal Dealer License Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Probate Matters Court Administration 320-968-5205
Probation Corrections 320-968-5192
Property Transfers Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Public Defenders Court Administration 320-968-5205
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Real Estate Taxes Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5006
Reciprocals (Child Support) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Records Check (Criminal) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Registered Land Surveys Recorder 320-968-5037
Releases - Affecting Security Interest in UCC-1 Personal or Chattel Property Recorder 320-968-5037
Represents all County Department in Legal Proceedings Attorney 320-968-5175
Restitution Program - Adults & Juveniles Corrections 320-968-5192
Restraining Orders Court Administration 320-968-5205
Rezoning Applications Department of Development 320-968-5065
Roadway Construction Public Works 320-968-5051
Roadway Design Public Works 320-968-5051
Roadway Maintenance Public Works 320-968-5051
Rule 25 Human Services 320-968-5087
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Salary Administration & Compensation Plan Administrator 320-968-5001
Sanitary Ordinances Department of Development 320-968-5065
School District Information Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Search Warrants Court Administration 320-968-5205
Service Available to all Regardless of Public Assistance Human Services 320-968-5087
Sewer Contractor License Department of Development 320-968-5065
Shoreland Ordinances Department of Development 320-968-5065
Social Security Disability VA Veteran Officer 320-968-5044
Social Security Office Located in St. Cloud 320-253-4490
Solid Waste Management Department of Development 320-968-5065
Solid Waste Management Facility Licenses Department of Development 320-968-5065
Special Assessments Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Special Services (Adoptions, Adult Services, Unmarried Parents Protection) Human Services 320-968-5087
State & Federal Veteran's Benefits Veterans Officer 320-968-5044
State Tax Liens Recorder 320-968-5037
Subpoenas Court Administration 320-968-5205
Summons (Conciliation Court, Criminal, Jury, Unlawful Detainers) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Suicide Crisis Mental Health Center 320-253-5555
Supplies & Deliveries - Direct to the Department that ordered the supplies
Support & Collections -Legal Proceedings Attorney 320-968-5175
Support & Collections or Support Enforcement Unit, IV-D Human Services 320-968-5087
Swimming MN Extension 320-968-5077
Switchboard Operations Administrator 320-968-5001
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Tax Court Court Administration 320-968-5205
Tax Distribution Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Tax Increment Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Tax Levies Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Tax Settlements Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5006
Telephone Directories Administrator 320-968-5001
Terminations - Juvenile Prosecution Attorney 320-968-5175
Torrens Documents Recorder 320-968-5037
Traffic Tickets Court Administration 320-968-5205
Training Programs - Employees Administrator 320-968-5001
Transient Merchant Licenses Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Tri-County Solid Waste Management Department of Development 320-968-5065
Trust Accounts Court Administration 320-968-5205
Transcript of Judgements Court Administration 320-968-5205
Tuberculosis Control Program Human Services 320-968-5087
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UCC-1 Recorder 320-968-5037
Uniform Commercial Code Division (Chattels) Recorder 320-968-5037
Unlawful Detainer Actions Court Administration 320-968-5205
Unmarried Parents Protection (Special Services) Human Services 320-968-5087
Utility Permits Public Works 320-968-5051
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Variance Applications Department of Development 320-968-5065
Veteran's Preference Veteran's Officer 320-968-5044
Vegetable Varieties MN Extension 320-968-5077
Vocational Rehabilitation Veteran's Officer 320-968-5044
Volunteer Adult Leadership (4-H) MN Extension 320-968-5077
Volunteer Drivers (Diversified Services Unit) Human Services 320-968-5087
Voter Registration/Information Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Vouchers (Accounting & Financial Services) Administrator 320-968-5027
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W-2 Forms Administrator 320-968-5027
Warrants Court Administration 320-968-5205
Warrants (Delivering) Sheriff 320-968-7201
Weddings (Scheduling of) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Welfare Fraud Human Services 320-968-5087
Welfare Fraud (Prosecution) Attorney 320-968-5175
Well Certificates Recorder 320-968-5037
Well Water Testing Kits MN Extension 320-968-5077
Wills Court Administration 320-968-5205
Wine Licenses Auditor/Treasurer 320-968-5027
Witness Fees (Payment of) Court Administration 320-968-5205
Woodlot Management (CRD ) MN Extension 320-968-5077
Writ of Habeas Corpus Court Administration 320-968-5205
Writ of Execution Court Administration 320-968-5205
Writ of Restitution Court Administration 320-968-5205
Zoning Department of Development 320-968-5065
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