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Schools K-12

Benton County and the surrounding area offer a wide variety of educational opportunities. In addition to the public school system, the county is home to a number of private elementary schools as well. Table 1 provides a summary of Benton County educational facilities and their enrollments.

Table 1 - Benton County Schools

District School District Type Location Grades Enrollment
51 Foley School District Public Foley K-12 1,600
742 St. Cloud Area School District Public St. Cloud K-12 9,657
748 Sartell School District Public Sartell K-12 2.762
47 Sauk Rapids/Rice School District Public Sauk Rapids K-12 3,611
47 Petra Lutheran Private Sauk Rapids K-8 20
742 St. Augustine Catholic Private St. Cloud K-6 212
51 St. John Catholic Private Foley K-6 122
47 Sacred Heart Catholic Private Sauk Rapids K-6 183
47 Trinity Lutheran Private Sauk Rapids k-8 88

Source: Benton County Office of Economic Development, 2004

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Area Post-Secondary Education

The area is also host to a number of post-secondary educational institutions. Although none of these are located in Benton County itself, they are all within minutes of travel time, being located in and around the city of St. Cloud. These institutions have a tremendous impact on educational achievement in Benton County. Table 3.6 lists these institutions and their current enrollments.

Table 2 - Area Post-Secondary Institutions

School Phone Type Enrollment
College of St. Benedict (320) 363-5011 Private University 2,100
St. Cloud State University (320) 255-0121 Public University 15,920
St. Cloud Technical College (800) 222-1009 Technical School 3,172
St. John's University (320) 363-2011 Private University 2,040
Rasmussen College (320) 251-5600 Technical School 387
Regency Beauty Academy (320) 251-0500 Vocational School 144
Model College of Hair Design (320) 253-4222 Vocational School 108

Source: Benton County Office of Economic Development, 2004

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Educational Achievement

Table 3 - Benton County Educational Achievement
Persons over Age 25

Educational Attainment Population 25 years and older Number Percentage
Less than 9th Grade 1,577 7.6%
9th to 12th Grade, No Diploma 1,560 7.5%
High School Graduate (includes equivalency) 7,231 34.8%
Some College, No Degree 5.263 25.3%
Associate Degree 1,585 7.6%
Bachelor's Degree 2,629 12.6%
Graduate of Professional Degree 944 4.5%
Percent high school graduate or higher (X) 84.9%
Percent bachelor's degree or higher (X) 17.2%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2000

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