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O'Shea Emergency Response Services

Flood Season is approaching & these Sandbag Emergency Replacement units Activated by Water can be used immediately- this replaces need for sandbags, sand & shoveling.  No Sand used, please see video link at  our site.

These Inflatable Flood Prevention Bags  inflate with water activating the bag to prevent water from entering area where placed - We unloaded these in our KC warehouse today- 3 truckloads

There are 5100 HSF kits (each kit has 6 FB bags and 2 RPD Bags)  Kits retail for $100 plus - Your Cost $35.00 per Kit FOB Kansas City

There are 32,000 FB bags   Your Cost per Bag  $4.00  (FB Bag dimensions      25 1/2" L x 14" W see picture attached above)

There are 4200 RPD bags   Your Cost per Bag  $6.00  (RPD Bag dimensions   97" L  x 8 " W see picture attached above)
Please visit our O'Shea Emergency website link below and see 4 minute video showing FB bags in action.  Notice the time lapse as each bag takes approx 2 minutes to be ready to use.  This product is also completely biodegradable and environmentally safe.  Besides flooding it is also excellent for chemical spills.   

We are registered with SAM (as OShea Inc. Duns #065299505). Please let us me know if you would like to see additional video links  of these Flood Prevention Bags after going to our site below for demo link of Bags.


Thank you Bill Houlehan 800-669-0903  (24 hrs.)   www.OSheaEmergency.com    (Emergency Services)