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Benton County's Location in Minnesota

Established in 1849, Benton is one of the original nine Minnesota counties.

Area: 408 Square Miles
Congressional District: 6
US Census Population (2010): 38,451
County Seat: Foley
Largest City: Sauk Rapids

Benton County is part of the St. Cloud Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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Benton County Becoming a Tobacco-Free Workplace June 1st


May 31, 2017
“Benton County Becoming a Tobacco-Free Workplace June 1st”
As of June 1st, Benton County will become a tobacco-free workplace. Under a policy adopted by the County Board, employees may not use tobacco products on paid work time or on County property, which includes County-owned vehicles. The policy encourages visitors to County facilities to also refrain from using tobacco products on County grounds. The County’s policy was proposed by the employee wellness committee and was phased in over a period of nine months, first starting with restrictions on where tobacco use could occur, leading up to the June 1st ban on any tobacco product use. During this time the wellness committee has been making available to employees resources on tobacco cessation programs and information on the health risks of tobacco use.

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