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Master Plan: Acknowledgements

It is impossible to list all those citizens and organizations who shared their vision and technical expertise throughout this process. To all of YOU, we appreciate your input. However, the contributions and support of the following officials and organizations were instrumental in the creation of this plan and are gratefully acknowledged.

Benton County Board of Commissioners

Duane Cekalla (Chair)
Earl Bukowski
Duane Grandy
Richard Soyka
Duane Walter

Benton County Coordinator

Richard Speak

Benton County Park Department - Park Director

Carrie Tripp

Benton County Soil & Water Conservation District

Mark Hauck

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Hannah Dunevitz

University of Minnesota Extension

Dan Martin

Central Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Coordination Board – input by:

Benton County
Stearns County
Sherburne County
City of St. Cloud
City of Sauk Rapids
City of Sartell

Benton County Citizen Advisory Park Board

John Blackmore
Chair Don Winkleman
Norm Esterberg
Roger Berg
Harvey Meinert

Citizen Advisory Committee

Nancy Gunderson
Lonny Wild
Ben Thomas
David Wilson
Jerry Perske
Jerry Kroska
Jane DeAustin
Mitch Fiedler
Sam Harms
Tammy Schlumpberger
Judi Harms
Bonnie Gottwalt

Policy Advisory Committee

Board of Commissioners
Joan Spiczka
Don Zieglmeier
Jim Hovda
Joan Spiczka
Don Zieglmeier
Jim Hovda
Larry Behrendt
Nancy Hoffman
Ron Schlichting
Chelle Benson
Ross Olson
Dona Pederson
Susan Jensen-Cekalla

Technical Advisory Committee

Norm Esterberg
Greg Szczech
Jean Myers
Lloyd Erdmann
Mark Hauck
Linda Peck
Stephen Peka
John Peck
Jane Korte
Clarence Adelman
Orville Mielke
Ellen Heneghan 

Active Citizen Review

Daniel Post
Dan Davison
Tim Roehl
Jerry Kostreba
Greg Slade
Caroline Westrum
Barbara Bloomer
Joe Schaeffer
Brenda Graves
Craig Gondeck
Chuck Wocken Family

Initiative Foundation

The project was funded in part by the Initiative Foundation, a regional foundation.