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Golden Spike Road Improvements Project

Benton CSAH 3 (Golden Spike Road) Highway 10 to CSAH 1 (Mayhew Lake Road)

6/9/2014 Update:

  • Entrance ramp to east bound TH 10 was closed on Friday 6/6/2014
  • Golden Spike Road will be closed from west of 10th Ave NE to west of CSAH 1 (Mayhew Lake Rd), and east of CSAH 1 (Mayhew Lake Rd) See Detour Map
  • These areas of Golden Spike Rd to be closed for approximately 2 months.

4/10/14 Update:

Here is the CSAH 3 (Golden Spike Rd NE) project update as of yesterday afternoon:

  • Some minor traffic control work will take place today (Thursday) near the Holiday Gas station and on the bridge over TH 10 to prepare for the bridge modification work which will start on Monday (April 14th).  The traffic control work includes shifting the traffic lanes to the south to allow adequate room along the north side of CSAH 3 for the bridge work scheduled to start on Monday.
  • On Monday, April 14th, the bridge contractor will begin removing the existing bridge railing along the north side of the bridge.  One lane of traffic in both directions will be open during the bridge work.
  • On Monday, April 21st, work will begin in front of the Holiday gas station and at the top of the TH 10 entrance/exit ramps on the west side of TH 10.  Work to include:
    • installation of new watermain and services to businesses along the south side of CSAH 3
    • removal of fence and other miscellaneous items
    • begin constructing the bypass lanes (west side of TH 10) to facilitate construction of the roundabout at the top of the TH 10 entrance/exit ramps adjacent to the Holiday gas station


Benton County and the City of Sauk Rapids have developed a preliminary design for CSAH 3 (Golden Spike Road) from the west exit ramp of Trunk Highway 10, to the intersection of CSAH 1 (Mayhew Lake Road). Improvements are needed to serve existing and future traffic demands anticipated to be generated by private development in the corridor. Previously completed feasibility studies concluded that long term needs can be most cost effectively accommodated by providing modern roundabouts at major intersections. The "multiple roundabout" solution was found to have distinct safety and capacity benefits compared to conventional intersection designs at an overall project cost savings.

In 2012 the project was a recipient of Transportation for Economic Development (TED) Grant from the State of Minnesota.  This grant is providing about $2.9 million towards the cost of construction of the project.  This grant set in motion the collaboration with Benton County and City of Sauk Rapids to put together a funding package to fund the remainder of the approximately $7 million of construction costs. 

Currently Benton County and the City of Sauk Rapids are completing the final design and construction plans for the project, with the help of our consultant SEH Inc.  Right of way acquisitions are underway and a bid opening date is planned for September.  Some off alignment work may occur in the fall of 2013.  However, most of the work will occur in 2014, with substantial completion in fall of 2014.  Final completion may be early summer of 2015. 

Please feel free to browse the links below.  If you have any questions you may contact either of the project contacts below.

Design Concept
Aesthetic Features
Landscape Concepts (TH 10 Ramps)
Landscape Concepts (10th Ave & CSAH 1)
Project Schedule

Public Involvement

Open House No 1 (February 7, 2011): Comments & Responses

Open House No 2 (June 10, 2013): Presentation

Project Contacts

Mike Kotila, SEH Project Manager
320.229.4336 / email:

Chris Byrd, Benton County Engineer
320.968.5051 / email:

Additional Roundabout Information