The County Administrator is appointed by the Board of Commissioners under Minnesota Statutes §375A.06 and is the administrative head of the County. The County Administrator is responsible for the administration and direction of all policies, budgets, programs, functions and staff of county government under the control of the Board of Commissioners.


The County Administrator exercises general supervision over County Departments under the control of the County Commissioners, including Human Services, Land Services and the Public Works Department (Highway). 

In addition, the County Administrator is directly responsible for the supervision of: 

  • Clerk to the Board
  • Finance Department
  • Human Resources / Employee Benefits
  • Information Technology
  • Property Management (facility maintenance)
  • Veterans' Services Officer

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Prepares the County’s proposed annual operating and long-range capital budgets for submittal to the County Board
  • Coordinates labor negotiations and advises the County Board on bargaining strategies
  • Attends all meetings of the County Board and serves as the statutory clerk to the board
  • Serves as the County’s public information officer
  • Provides policy research and recommendations to the County Board