Mission Statement

The County Auditor-Treasurer is an elected position serving a four year term. The Auditor-Treasurer and staff are dedicated to serving the citizens of Benton County by offering the best possible service in all statutory and assigned duties.

Overview of Duties

  • Collects all county funds owed to the county, much of which are Real Estate and Personal Property taxes
  • Collects Aggregate Tax
  • Performs tax administration including land transfers, name, and address maintenance, splits and combines of property, tax calculation, tax increment finance, and special assessments and settlements.
  • Conducts Tax Forfeiture Land Sales on behalf of the county.
  • Member of the Board of Equalization
  • Creates reports for the county, state, and federal government
  • Invest idle cash reserves into such banking instruments as CD’s (certificates of deposit), Magic Fund (Minnesota Association of Governments Investing for Counties), and Money Markets (savings accounts).
  • Administers sale of licenses of Liquor, Beer, 3.2 Malt Liquor, Auctioneers, Tobacco, Transient Merchant, Gambling, Large Gathering, and Fireworks .
  • Chief Election Officer of the county, responsible for voter registration, ballot layout and absentee voting. Election duties are performed for both state and county.
  • Serves as Deputy Registrar (License Center) for the county, issuing Driver’s License/ID cards renewals and duplicates, Motor Vehicle and DNR registration.