The County has a stated goal to develop, maintain and manage a County park, trail and open space system to meet the needs of the community by utilizing various methods of fiscally responsible strategies. The County hopes to achieve this goal by:

  • Enhancing and maintain the existing park system to meet the intergenerational needs of the community
  • Ensure that there is a balance within the County park system that creates connections between rural and urbanizing areas of the County
  • Take advantages of opportunities to acquire new park and open space areas; promote the development of trails
  • Promote the sharing of facilities of recreational facilities and consider various funding options in acquisition of parkland
Image of a bench swing in a park

Local Parks

There are currently seven parks in the un-incorporated areas of Benton County consisting of approximately 354 acres with frontage on the Mississippi River and access onto Little Rock Lake. View a map of our parks (PDF).

Master Plan

The County has completed a master plan for the future development of the existing parks as well as acquisition of additional parkland to ensure the continued enjoyment of our natural environment for generations to come.