CSAH 3 Up the Hill Project

West of TH 10

Golden Spike Improvements

3rd Avenue North, East to Highway 10

Project Purpose & Need

Benton County and the City of Sauk Rapids are currently developing preliminary design alternatives for CSAH 3 (2nd Street North) from 3rd Avenue North to the west exit ramp of Trunk Highway 10. Improvements are needed to replace the failing pavement surface, increase capacity to serve existing and future traffic demands, provide a bike path and/or sidewalk to improve the safety of pedestrian and bicycle traffic, and upgrade intersection functionality for safety and capacity. The county and city are currently working with a consultant to provide a design that meets the safety, infrastructure replacement and capacity goals deemed necessary for the corridor. The county and city applied for, and have received, federal funds to offset a significant portion of the project development and construction costs. Below you will find links to each of the design alternatives proposed at the Public Open House Number 2 on June 3, 2013. To help differentiate the proposed design alternatives, below each alternative you will find a quick explanation of each:

Design Alternatives Considered

  1. Preliminary Design Alternative A
  2. Preliminary Design Alternative B
  3. Preliminary Design Alternative C
  4. Preliminary Design Alternative D

Preliminary Design Alternative A

  • “No Build” option - corridor remains the same
  • No safety concerns are addressed
  • Current and future traffic capacity issues not addressed
  • May not be eligible for alternative funding
  • Still need to replace pavement surface and substandard infrastructure

Semi Trucks in Roundabouts

Semi Trucks in Roundabouts (PDF)

Preferred Alternative

At Open House Number 3 on September 26, 2013, the Project Management Team (PMT) presented the Preferred Design Alternative C based on comments and concerns received by the public during the first two public open house meetings as well as the PMT.

  • Similar to Preliminary Design Alternative C (with Roundabouts)
  • Narrow 6 foot wide median between 3rd Avenue North and 6th Avenue North
  • Continuous center left turn lane to serve commercial properties between Summit Avenue and TH 10
  • Roundabout intersections at 6th Avenue and Summit Avenue
  • Signalized intersection at Stearns Avenue
  • Computer Model (WMV) depicting vehicle travel through the corridor during a peak hour situation with year 2035 traffic volumes

Public Involvement