Forms for Daycare Providers

Capacity Variance Request Packet

Items 1-5 must be printed, completed and submitted to the agency, otherwise it will be an incomplete request which may be denied. The agency has 30 days to process a variance request.

Variance Guidelines (PDF) - for your information

  1. Request Form (PDF) - must complete
  2. Enrollment Form (PDF) - must complete
  3. Parent Notification Statement (PDF) - must complete
  4. Self Evaluation (PDF) - must complete
  5. Variance Calendars (PDF) - must complete

Family Child Care Diapering Area Disinfection

A new provision, Minnesota Statutes, section 245A.1446, Family Child Care Diapering Area Disinfection, clarifies that bleach used for disinfecting diaper changing surfaces must be mixed in accordance with label instructions for disinfection. The provision also allows use of surface disinfectants other than bleach if the manufacturer’s label or instructions state that the product is registered with the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency; is effective against certain bacteria in ten minutes or less of contact time; has clear directions for mixing and use; is used in accordance with manufacturer’s directions; and does not contain triclosan or its derivatives. The provision also clarifies consistent with the label directions to clean a child diapering area.

Effective July 1, 2013.
Laws of Minnesota 2013, Chapter 108, Article 3, Section 17