Active Living

Active Transportation

Active transportation integrates physical activity into daily routines such as walking or biking to destinations such as work, grocery stores or parks. Active transportation policies and practices in community design, land use and facility access have been proven effective to increase physical activity and promote an active lifestyle.

Regional Active Transportation Plan

In November 2015, the Regional Active Transportation Plan was finalized, thus providing Benton, Sherburne, Stearns and Wright counties, along with the Regional Active Living Advisory Group (RALAG) with a five-year work plan to create a region where walking and biking is part of everyday life. 

  1. City Partnerships
  2. Rice Park & Trails
  3. Bike Friendly Communities
  4. Comprehensive Planning

City Partnerships

SHIP staff have been working closely with cities in Benton County to assist them in planning for the future, and creating changes that increase access to healthy foods, allow for active transportation, and reduce tobacco Use and exposure.