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Estimates Value: The law specifically requires that assessors view each parcel of real estate to appraise its market value. Property values change continuously with changing economic conditions. In addition to market changes, numerous physical changes affect the value of land and buildings. All factors that may influence value must be considered when estimating the value of property. This task requires a physical inspection of all property subject to assessment.

Classifies Property: The assessor also determines the classification or use of each parcel. For instance, property may be Residential Homestead (owner-occupied), Relative Residential Homestead (relative of owner is occupant), Residential Non-Homestead, Agricultural, or Commercial/Industrial. Each classification is taxed and receives credits at a different percentage of market value. These percentages are set by the state legislature.

Accepts Applications for Property Tax Programs: The Minnesota property tax law provides certain credits or forms of special tax relief, one of the more common being the Homestead Credit. Application for Homestead-Classification; Application for Tax Exemption; Application for Agricultural Tax and Special Assessment Deferment; Applications for Special Disability Classification are among programs of interest to property owners. Please call the Assessor’s Office at 320-968-5019 if you think you may qualify.



The Office of the County Recorder is responsible for the evaluation, recording, protection and preservation of all real estate documents in accordance with State Statutes. Some of the most commonly recorded documents include Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments, Satisfactions, Easements, Liens and Plats.  

The Recorder, by statute, is also the Registrar of Titles under the Torrens or registered land system. The Registrar of Titles along with the Examiner of Titles must examine documents presented to determine they meet the legal requirements for transfer.

The Recorder's Office personnel cannot assist anyone with the proper preparation of documents for recording.  If necessary, consult a real estate attorney or title company for assistance on types of forms, how to complete forms or for legal advice.  (see Minn.Stat. 481.02, Sub 1).

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