Youth Snowmobile Safety Course

A Youth Snowmobile Safety Course is offered at the Benton County Sheriff's Office each winter. The Online youth snowmobile safety training class is an introductory class designed primarily for the snowmobile rider with little or no experience in snowmobile operation.

Students obtain and study the safety information on the interactive online course at their own pace in the comfort of their own home under the guidance of a parent or guardian. Depending on the youth’s age and experience, the online course should take approximately 2-4 hours to complete.

Once they complete the online course, students print out a “youth follow-up voucher” and register for a one day Snowmobile Safety class in their area. The one day class includes classroom review of priority safety information and a performance driving course. A fee of up to $5.00 may be collected by the instructor for any fees they incur to conduct the class. Each student will also pay an on-line DNR fee of $5.00 upon completion of the course.

Click here for more information from the MN DNR regarding snowmobile safety courses.

Youth snowmobile safety class participants receiving instruction
Young person riding snowmobile through safety course