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Currently, all access to Benton County offices is restricted. Please call ahead to (320) 968-5000 before planning to visit.

Benton County is still providing services to Benton County residents via phone, email and online. If you feel your needs cannot be met through any of the mentioned avenues, please contact the appropriate department.

Should it be determined you need an in-person visit, you will be screened in advanced to protect you and the employee. The expectation has been set that County employees will not conduct in person meetings if they have had any signs of illness.

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COVID-19 Information from Cities in Benton County:

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  1. Administration
  2. Attorney
  3. Auditor - Treasurer
  4. Benton County Board
  5. Court Administration
  6. Department of Development
  7. Extension Services
  8. Human Services
  9. Land Services
  10. Licensing Center
  11. Parks
  12. Probation
  13. Public Works - Highway
  14. Sheriff's Office
  15. Veteran Services
  16. Other Resources


Phone: (320) 968-5000
Email: County Administrator, Montgomery Headley

County Administration

County Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Human Resources - Recruitment
Benton County Human Resource Office will continue to communicate with applicants regarding updates through the BC website applicant system.

Benton County Human Resources