How do I start a wetland bank?

A wetland bank is a private enterprise with state oversight, there is no guarantee of return on investment. In general creation of a wetland bank involves a landowner creating new wetland on their property and depositing the “wetland credits” in to the state wetland bank. The credits are then purchased and utilized by individuals to mitigate for approved wetland impacts.

The process to establish a wetland banks starts with contacting the Benton County Department of Development offices for a discussion of the possibilities of the site. Establishment of a wetland bank requires a large amount of technical information prior to the state recognition of the wetland and the potential selling of the credits. This technical information would include but not limited to: wetland delineation, property boundary and elevation survey, legal description, etc. which is all subject to local and state review. A landowner proposing to undertake the establishment of a wetland bank should be prepared to expend capital prior to any potential return on investment. For more information, contact us at 320-968-5065.

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