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1. If I've recovered from COVID-19, do I still need to get a COVID-19 vaccination?
2. If I've been treated with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma, can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?
3. What are the most common side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?
4. Can the COVID-19 vaccine make me sick (or contagious) with COVID-19?
5. Will a COVID-19 vaccine alter my DNA?
6. Can I choose which COVID-19 vaccine I receive?
7. Is it safe for me to get a COVID-19 vaccine if I would like to have a baby one day?
8. After getting a COVID-19 vaccine, will I test positive for COVID-19 on a viral test?
9. When am I considered to be "fully vaccinated?"
10. Do I need to wear a mask and avoid close contact with others if I have gotten 2 doses of the vaccine?