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Benton County's Location in Minnesota

Established in 1849, Benton is one of the original nine Minnesota counties.

Area: 408 Square Miles
Congressional District: 6
US Census Population (2010): 38,451
County Seat: Foley
Largest City: Sauk Rapids

Benton County is part of the St. Cloud Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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Benton County Vision:

Benton County strives to deliver efficient and effective services that will improve the lives of our residents, doing so in a fiscally responsible way.

Benton County Mission:

  • Provide excellent service
  • Make Benton County a great place to live and work, a great place to call home
  • Help our business community prosper
  • Keep the cost of government down through innovation, collaboration and technology

  • March 15, 2016


Notice of Public Hearing

11/30/2016 -

The Benton County Board of Commissioners will conduct a public hearing on December 20, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. in the Benton County Boardroom, 531 Dewey Street, Foley, for the purpose of taking public testimony on possible changes to the Benton County fee schedule. All persons interested may appear and be heard at the time and place set forth above. Individuals unable to attend the public hearing can make written comment by writing to the Benton County Administrator, Benton County Courthouse, 531 Dewey Street, Box 129, Foley, Minnesota 56329. Written comments must be received prior to the public hearing. A copy of the current fee schedule and proposed changes can be obtained from the Benton County website ( or by calling the Benton County Administrator’s Office at 968-5000. To view the draft fee schedule click here

2017 Amnesty Days RFP

11/22/2016 -

Benton County is requesting proposals for Amnesty Days. The successful responder will provide services to operate the Benton County Amnesty Days.

Truth in Taxation Public Meeting

11/16/2016 -

On the December 7th at 7:00 pm the Benton County Board of Commissioners will hold a “truth in taxation” public meeting to discuss the proposed 2017 County budget and levy. The meeting will be held in the County Board room in Foley. The purpose of the meeting is to share with the public information about the proposed budget and levy and to address questions. Budget documents that will be reviewed at the December 7th meeting can be accessed here

CSAH 3 (2nd Street North) Active Traffic Signals

11/04/2016 -

The traffic signal at CSAH 3 and Stearns Drive in Sauk Rapids is now activated.  The signal is currently in an ALL-RED, ALL-WAY flash mode.  This means that drivers shall treat the intersection like and all-stop intersection.  Then overnight Sunday to Monday morning the traffic signal will become fully operational.  This means that traffic will need to obey the indicated color of the traffic signal, eight green, yellow or red. 

Salary Compliance Notice

10/26/2016 -

See link for additional information

Winter Maintenance Policy

10/06/2016 -

The purpose of the Benton County Winter Maintenance Policy is to provide the priorities and procedures used to remove snow and ice on Benton County roads and highways. The goal of this policy is to create safe and passable roads within a reasonable period of time after a snow event ceases to have accumulating precipitation. Each winter storm has its unique characteristics and factors such as storm intensity and duration, wind, temperature and moisture content affect the total amount of snow and/or ice accumulation. This policy also serves as a guide to the County Engineer and Maintenance Superintendent to make decisions as to when to deploy snow removal equipment.