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    Design of Benton County Foley To St. Cloud Fiber Connection

    The purpose of this project is to select a qualified engineering consultant to develop a set of construction plans and bidding specifications that will be used for bidding by contractors to construct the Benton County Foley to St. Cloud Fiber Connection. Read on...
  2. Benton County Broadband

    Benton County Needs Your Input on Broadband Service

    Benton County's Broadband Committee needs input on your internet service. Please take the survey and speed test. Data from the study will help the County determine where it can make grants to broadband providers for better internet service. Read on...
  3. Government Center Pic

    Notice to Benton County Residents

    The past 1.5 years has shown Benton County Human Services that we can indeed provide excellent customer service while using the telephone and technology to meet our customer's needs. Read on...
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