GIS / Mapping

To view property information please visit our Beacon site.

Open Data

Benton County has made a number of GIS datasets available to the public.  These data are provided as shapefiles including metadata within a zipped folder.

We also publish a feature service, updated weekly, available for public consumption through ArcGIS Online.

Please view our disclaimer before use.

2023 aerial imagery can be downloaded from Benton County's ArcGIS Online site.

Ownership/Plat Book Maps

Parcels 10 acres and greater (based on GIS acreage) are labeled.  Labeled acreage shown is based off the deeded acres within the tax system. Ownership information is current as of the date shown in the bottom left corner of each page with annual updates planned.

Georeferenced PDF Maps

All ownership/plat book and park PDF maps on this page are georeferenced, meaning they contain the spatial information necessary to display your current location on the PDF while using a capable device.  A smartphone, tablet, or other device with location services (GPS/Network) can be used with an app, to display your current location on the PDF with or without cell service.  There are a number of apps available to download, including some free versions such as Avenza Maps that are easy to use.  Simply download the app and pdf on your device, and you are ready for offline use.


GIS data are maintained by Benton County for their intended use by Benton County and may be inaccurate for other use, and any person or entity seeking GIS data from Benton County expressly assumes that risk.

No warranties, expressed or implied are provided for the data herein, their use or interpretation. There are no warranties for the merchantability or fitness of the data for a particular purpose. Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes §466.03, subd. 21, Benton County does not guarantee the accuracy of the material herein contained and is not responsible for any misuse or misrepresentation of the information.