Department of Development

The Department of Development is open to walk-in customers as of June 1st, 2020. We are able to assist one customer at a time.  If we are currently assisting a customer, you may be asked to wait in line, which in some cases, may extend outside of the building as capacity within the building is limited. We ask that you still consider calling or emailing our office instead of visiting if and when it is feasible.  Thank you for your cooperation and consideration!


The Benton County Department of Development provides services related to the use and development of land as guided by the County’s goals and objectives within the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. 

The Department is responsible for the administration of Local, State and Federal laws and rules such as the Development Code, Wetland Conservation Act, Shoreland regulations and Flood Plain Management. The Department of Development offers assistance to create job opportunities, diversify the economy and increase the tax base of the County.


Please note, Benton County does not accept credit cards for payment.

  1. Sean Moe

    Land Use Technician
    Phone: 320-968-5070
    Responsibilities include: SSTS review, permitting and inspection, soil verification, review/issue land use permits, code compliance inspections, update/coordinate MSAG and 911 addressing.

  2. Dan Hofer

    Land Use Technician
    Phone: 320-968-5068
    Responsibilities include: SSTS review, permitting and inspection, soil verification, review/issue land use permits and code compliance inspections.   

  3. Mark McNamara

    Wetlands / Solid Waste Lead
    Phone: 320-968-5074
    Responsibilities Include: Wetland Conservation Act, solid waste management program, Amnesty Days, natural resource block grant and flood plain management.

  4. Scott Zwick

    GIS Coordinator
    Phone: 320-968-5075
    Responsibilities include: Coordinates and oversees county-wide GIS implementation, maintains parcels boundaries, maintains and updated GIS information.

  5. Karen Loehrer

    Administrative Secretary
    Phone: 320-968-5065
    Responsibilities include: Responds to public inquiries, prepares public notices, maintain files and records.

  6. David Barsody

    Building Official
    Phone: C: 612-219-2252
    C: 612-219-2252
    O: 320-532-3629

    Benton County contracts with David Barsody of Inspection Services of Central Minnesota, Inc.

  7. Roxanne Achman

    Department of Development Director
    Phone: 320-968-5065
    Responsibilities include: Overall departmental administration, platting and administrative land splits, conditional/interim use permits and variance requests.