Emergency Preparedness

Benton County Public Health has the primary responsibility for assuring the overall health of the community in the event of any disaster, either natural or man made. Public Health disasters can pose significant health risks both physical and psychological.

Minnesota has seen its share of floods, tornadoes, severe storms, meningitis, West Nile Virus and contaminated food outbreaks. Since September 11, 2001 we have also had our eyes opened to the real threat of terrorism, including biological terrorism, with the anthrax scare.


Public Health Preparedness requires assessing, planning, educating and assuring timely and effective response to public health emergencies. This involves:

  • Working with others in the community to address health issues that may occur.
  • Working with families to help prepare them for possible emergencies.
  • Working with school administrators and nurses on emergency preparedness issues.
  • Working with community partners to ensure rapid detection of disease patterns and timely dissemination of accurate information.
  • Providing training opportunities and educational resources for health care professionals and others in our community.

Emergency & Community Health Outreach

ECHO (Emergency and Community Health Outreach) has developed materials for limited-English speaking populations. Visit the ECHO Minnesota website.